ITCost Partner Program

A Partnership Program that is based on Co-Operation, Openness and Inclusiveness.

An Individual or a company who has one or more IT projects can come and partner with us. Our 4 significant services are;

Your Own IT Staff in India

Website Migration, Development and Support

Digital Marketing

Bespoke Software and App Development

We are also planning to expand our array of IT services in the coming days.

With ITCost, the partnership will be done jointly and with mutual benefits thus a win-win situation for both the parties. We are also looking at long-term collaboration. We are offering programs like;

Become Segment Partner

Become Segment Partner

Become City Wise Partner

Become City Wise Partner

Become Client Wise Partner

Become Client Wise Partner

To contact us please fill the form below or call one of

our company partners Guri Dhillon at +44 (0)7562 987952 or

email him at guri@itcost.co.uk

Why should you Partner with ITCost?

A Partnership that values You, Your Project and Business.

Work with trusted entrepreneurs with knowledge of IT and technology.

All projects will be handled by experienced IT professionals that will increase the credibility of your project and the company.

Earn for every project you associate.

Become A Partner

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