Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of technology outsourcing the services can I expect from IT Cost?
You can outsource IT / Software related work either back office or non-core business function. The services could be related to any of the following:
  • Application Development (Web / Mobile)
  • Production Support & Maintenace
  • Product Development Support as Extended development team
2. How much Operational cost saving could I expect by outsourcing to IT Cost?
By collaborating with us, you will experience our reduction in your current IT expenses by 45% - 60% without compromising on quality or timelines. You will see a significant ROI by moving to this model.
3. Once you take first step towards outsourcing services to us, we will guide you through the following phases:
  • Project Understanding: Our experts will start engaging with your team to understand all your business/technical requirements. We have very well-defined processes for knowledge sharing/transfer.
  • Project Initiation: Based on project understanding, we define & setup the team structure to address the defined project related objectives.
  • Project Execution: We have industry-wide accepted processes to have complete control on project execution. All project related metrics are defined and tracked on a regular basis during project execution to keep our client appraised on current status at any given point of time.
  • Client Feedback/Review: We have regular interaction with the client, and the feedback from the client is recorded and evaluated in a precisely tailored feedback format.
4. What about the security of my business-sensitive data?
We understand the importance of client data. We follow client defined processes to keep their data secure and confidential. Our development centre in India in under CCTV surveillance 24x7.
5. How reliable are your infrastructure and systems?
Information security is our first concern for any of our client. We have our network secured through firewall, antivirus & patch management software. All the employees sign general Non-Disclosure Agreement while joining our development centre and they also sign client specific Non-Disclosure Agreement based on client requirement.
6. How do you ensure the quality of deliverables?
Our QA team takes care of the implementation of relevant quality processes in all the projects. Detailed quality processes are pre-defined in the beginning of our engagement with the client and these processes are tailored for your specific IT initiatives.
7. Do you have experienced, certified and qualified resources?
We have all experienced and qualified engineers. Our employees keep on upgrading their skills in relevant technology areas
8. The benefit of working with IT Cost
  • Lower Cost – Lower cost of operations translates in direct savings.
  • 24x7 operation – Our offshore development centre, located in India is equipped with all facilities to manage 24x7 operations.
  • Talent Pool – We have an access to a large talent pool in various technology areas to serve our global clients.
  • We follow industry-wide accepted Best Practices for providing our services to our global clients.
9. What pricing strategy do you have for development projects?
We work in various models, viz., Fixed Price per Project, Hourly/Monthly Resource billing. We define client specific pricing model after understanding requirements. The core of every pricing model is to provide value-based deliverables. In our opinion, every project has to create a Win-Win situation for the client & us.
10. How do I pay you?
Wire Transfer, Check
11. Do you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and SLAs?
Yes. We sign the Master Service Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement and Service Level Agreement based on client requirements.