In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market place, quality IT services and solutions play an essential role in delivering the requirements of the business and projects.

Whether a household brand/startup or you’re embracing a brand-new project based on the best Software technologies or you would like to enhance the legacy system, “delivering better results” is promised by “ITcost.co.uk”.

As a team, we believe in the fundamental aspect of “Designers that Understand Software Development and Developers that Understand Design”. Combining the skills to achieve the best outcome, we have people with years of experience in both design and development. As a team, we follow a simple framework to deliver quality work through knowledge, skill, hard work and commitment.

It is challenging for the businesses to acquire quality software development and support team at a cost which is affordable. That’s when ITcost.co.uk come handy.

We have invested considerable money in building dedicated infrastructure in India and the UK to help our clients get access to quality software personnel and the products.


Your Own IT Staff in India

SME (small and Medium enterprise) sector in the UK requires highly skilled IT personnel to compete in the market effectively. The technology and the regulatory environment is continuously changing. It leads to the ever-growing need for this personnel to enhance their skill set. Hiring and retaining the competent IT staff is very challenging.

Whether you require one or more IT personnel, we recruit them for you in our office near New Delhi, India. We have built a dedicated infrastructure to cater to our client’s requirements. Our management office is in London which helps us to understand your needs and deliver solutions effectively to you.

The benefit to you is as follows:

  • No recruitment cost
  • No training cost
  • No Infrastructure cost
  • No Insurance cost
  • No Security cost for protecting your critical information
  • No retrenchment cost
  • No Legal structure cost
  • All contracts are signed in the UK and are under UK courts jurisdiction
  • They work in UK time zone

Once we understand your requirements, we will describe the process metrics and tailor up the software engineer or a team of software engineers.

Once hired, the developer or developers work exclusively for you as a part of your local team.

Once we understand your requirements, we will describe the process metrics and tailor up the software engineer or a team of software engineers. Once hired, the developer or developers work exclusively for you as a part of your local team.

Highlights of having your IT staff in India

  • The flexibility of hiring a single developer to multiple developers
  • The flexibility of hiring a permanent position or for a fixed duration
  • Pre-built technical infrastructure to help your dedicated developer deliver quality work, making them an active member and extension of your in-house team.
  • Flexibility to work in your company business hours
  • Confidentiality agreement to protect your information
  • We monitor them for quality and timely completion of your job
  • Our Promise of competence
  • Clear contract and terms.
  • No scalability issues
  • Huge cost savings for you

Website Migration, Development and Support

In today’s digital era, your website is the primary introduction of your business. It is critical for your business growth. A growing company requires a continuously growing website.

If your present website is on an outdated platform or technology, you might want to migrate into a newer system with more features. However, this isn’t that easy after all.

Moving or upgrading a website requires the right amount of planning. That’s where ITcost plays the role of guiding and helping you and your website reach its possible technological potential.

ITcost Website Migration services are tailor-made for the needs of an individual business. Our London office coordinates the website migration and the related work, and the development happens at our India office. Our Indian office is equipped technically and infrastructure wise for a seamless migration.

Are you an organisation that values user experience and wants to take it to another level?

ITcost has expertise in Website development and Support. We have a team of competent and professional web developers in India who understands the web world. Client satisfaction is the sole reason to be in business.

The services we offer with website migration, development and support are;

Capturing and understanding the requirements (Business Analyst)

Technology assessment

Creating functional specifications



Quality Assurance

Maintenance and Support

Earn for Every Project You Associate

  • Excellent communication and team collaboration skills.
  • Seamlessly fits into the client’s company environment and work culture.
  • Highly confidential information control methods.
  • Critical skills and expertise to manage the project.
  • The client can monitor the daily work done and progress achieved.
  • Faster response time – Immediate availability for development effort as and when required.

Benefits with ITcost.co.uk Team for website migration, development and support

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has consistently scored very high to acquire and retain customers. It is most efficient for getting your company, and its brand noticed, knowing your potential and existing customer and lowering your customer acquisition cost.

Most companies know this and are continuously increasing their digital marketing efforts. It is resulting in an increasing demand for time and money. Outsourcing your digital marketing helps you to reduce your time and costs. Keeping this in mind, we have put together a very competent team in India.

Our digital marketing efforts are innovative, technically competent and focused on the short, medium- and long-term success of the brand. All work is coordinated by our London office which operated and understands the need for the UK market.

Some of our digital marketing services are;

SEO Analysis and Services

Local SEO

E-commerce SEO

Link Building

Content Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Paid Campaigns

PPC & Mobile PPC


Industries we have successfully catered to;



Real Estate



Travel & Tourism






Benefits of outsourcing Digital Marketing

  • Reduction in the cost.
  • Free up your in-house marketing resource for other essential tasks.
  • Customizable packages that suit your business needs.
  • Availability of highly experienced digital Marketing Professionals.
  • Creative zone and learning material that help develop innovative ideas.

Bespoke Software and App Development

ITcost has many years of experience in developing bespoke software solutions for SME (small and Medium enterprise). Our bespoke app and software development services can be easily tailored to meet your business needs.

We are reliable, quick, professional and technically sound that will help you and your business in multiple ways. Our team of developers have a firm hold on all latest technologies. Be it Drupal, Joomla, Magento, CakePHP, WordPress, HTML, Angular, Microsoft, Java, Unity, iOs, Android, Python, Data Science and the list is unending.

We without fail follow a standard procedure and lifecycle for App and Software Development for all our clients;

Requirement Analysis


Development and QA


Maintenance & Support

Have Something to Share?
  • We use cutting-edge technology for any Software Product Development.
  • We adopt an agile development methodology to reduce the time to market.
  • We are disciplined, focused and continuously strive to achieve the defined milestone.
  • The team’s extensive experience proves beneficial during every stage of the app and software development lifecycle.
  • Quality Assurance is our backbone that helps us deliver products that are technically flawless.
  • We partner with a simple motto – High Customer Value.

Why Choose Our Team in India for App & Software Development?